Bridal beauty packages

A lot of planning goes into a wedding, but this massive to-do list pales in comparison to a bride's must-do agenda. From smooth hair and sparkling teeth to vitamin-drenched skin and a cellulite-free back, there's no shortage of beauty treatments promising a more gorgeous version of yourself.

Tender Skin believes, at your wedding you are ‘the Celebrity’ and must have a skin care manager to map your treatment schedule to the ‘D’ day.

We have a range of offerings for the bride, the groom, relatives & friends

30 Day Package

Includes a combination of technology, services & home care to make your skin supple, brighter & lighter giving you a stunning look.

We've rounded up our favorite beauty treatments, all designed to give you a beautiful edge on your big day.

Services include:

• Diamond party glow

• Radiant peel

• Mesoglow

• Skin Rejuvenation

Hair care includes:

• Mesotherapy

• Anti-hair loss therapy

• Low level laser therapy

Body care includes:

• body skin firming & toning

• body polish

• body glow peel

• laser hair removal

15 Day Package

To give Bride’s skin an even tone with radiance while making it softer & smoother.

Services include:

• Microdermabrasion with Photofacials

• Mesoglow

• Radiant peels

• Get a stunning appearance for Arched eyebrows

• Fillers to help under eye hollows, nose angulation, Lip augmentation

For the groom

Why should the bride alone catch all the attention? The groom too wants to look the best on their D- day. To even their skin tone & give them the best look on their day:

• Microdermabrasion.

• Photofacial

• Radiant peels

• Facelift

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