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What are Bridal Treatments?

At TSI, we want each bride to look and feel her best on her wedding day. Bridal makeup and jewellery are much heavier than a woman’s everyday looks so our team of specialists are here to prep your skin for all that hard work and make sure you have healthy and glowing skin on your big day, no matter how soon or far away it may be!

How It Works

Our Process



1-1 appointments with the bride and groom to better understand your concerns and devise a specialised treatment according to the wedding timeline.



There is not much preparation required for an appointment! Our skin experts will guide you through any necessary steps.



Pre-bridal packages are curated by specialist doctors under the strictest standards of hygiene and care, to ensure a relaxing, pampering experience.



Basic home care practices are required after a treatment, and your specific care instructions and products will be determined by our dermatologists.

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Rishita Gandhi

“I visited the clinic for the Bridal Package treatments and the experience was great. The doctors devised the perfect plan for me and my needs, and were so kind and friendly. The products used were effective, and had no side effects. Each step was explained and they made sure I was comfortable at all times. The body scrub, spa and polish and the Fusion facial really made me feel fresh and relaxed. It is perfect prep for The DAY”


How far is the big day?

Frequently Asked Questions

Common treatments include facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser therapies for pigmentation or rejuvenation, injectables like dermal fillers, and skincare regimens to prepare the skin. At TSI, our doctors will determine the best treatments to combat your specific skin concerns.

A bridal treatment will not only leave you with glowing skin, but also provide much needed pampering. You can begin your bridal treatment journey anywhere from a year, to a couple of days before your big day.

A consultation with a dermatologist is essential. They will assess your skin, understand your goals, and recommend a personalised treatment plan based on your skin type and timeline.

Glowing skin awaits you!

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