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What are Hair Treatments?

We offer a variety of hair treatments that focus on scalp and hair health, addressing concerns such as hair thinning, hair loss, and overall hair quality. At TSI, we want you to have good hair days everyday and our specialised doctors do everything to make it happen!

How It Works

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1-1 appointment with a patient to better understand hair concerns and devise a specialised treatment plan.



There is not much preparation required for a hair care appointment. The trained specialist may ask you to use specific hair cleansing products or remove temporary extensions before your appointment.



Treatment will be performed by a doctor under the strictest standards of hygiene and care.



There is not a lot of after care required after a pigmentation appointment, but your specific care instructions will be determined by the doctor.

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Satish Sarai

“Absolutely amazing place. Great doctors, great staff. I had excessive dandruff issues. Fixed in less than 3 weeks. If you're serious about getting your skin/hair etc. problems fixed, this place is worth it”


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Frequently Asked Questions

Hair loss can be caused by factors such as genetics, hormonal changes, stress, nutritional deficiencies, medical conditions, and certain medications. Understanding the underlying cause will help determine the treatment used.

Results vary depending on the treatment. Some people might see improvements in a few months, while others might take longer.

Downtime varies depending on the treatment. Some treatments might have minimal downtime, while others might require avoiding strenuous activities or sun exposure for a short period.

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