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What are IV Infusion Treatments?

Intravenous Infusion Therapies involve the administration of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream to tackle various skin concerns, enhance skin health, and promote overall well-being. These therapies are often used to improve skin radiance, hydration, and elasticity, as well as to address conditions like acne, dullness, and the effects of ageing.

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1-1 appointment with a patient to better understand your concerns and devise a specialised treatment plan.



There is not much preparation required for an appointment, but a trained dermatologist will guide you with any necessary steps.



Treatments will be performed by a specialist doctor under the strictest standards of hygiene and care.



There is not a lot of after care required after an appointment, but your specific care instructions and products will be determined by the doctor.

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IV Therapy Parties

The newest fad in town- with IV parties, you can provide your guests access to vital minerals and vitamins that can help them recover from dehydration, stress, and provide crucial hydration. IV treatments are a great way to bond and get that pre-party glow, as well as boost your immunity.

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Beena Singhavi

“Nice and welcoming clinic. The doctor and the technician were both very good. My skin feels amazing. The IV infusion treatment changed the way my skin feels and looks!”


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Frequently Asked Questions

IV infusion therapies can address conditions like fatigue, dehydration, vitamin deficiencies, weakened immunity, skin issues, and boot overall skin wellness. Get in touch today for a consultation with the best Dermatologists in Mumbai.

When administered by trained medical professionals, IV infusion therapies are generally safe. Our team ensures proper protocols and hygiene during treatments.

No! Generally, laser hair removal is a painless procedure and the patient is comfortable throughout the treatment.

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